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Poultry & Eggs

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Live Chickens



Brown Eggs

Fresh Eggs

Sold out!
Local Pick up or drop off only

Chicken Eggs....$3/doz.
local pick up or delivery only 

Currently Hatching mixed breed chickens for meat. $5 for 1 day - 1 week old chick. Add $2 for every week of age




Lakenvelder 5 weeks old

BBR Cubalaya
5 weeks old

Mottled Java and Buff Wyandotte 5 weeks old

BBR Shamo
5 weeks old

Blue Andalusian

Blue Analusian Rooster
Photo from Livestock Conservancy Website

3 Day old Andalusian Chicks plus 1 unknown breed

Our Andalusian Chicks
We now have 10 Andalusian chicks for our starter flock that shipped with a red bonus chick of unknown breed. It looks like we might have 3 black, 3 blue 3 splash and one white. The APA only recognizes Blue but black and splash can be used in breeding to produce Blue offspring and adjust color of future offspring.
 For details see the chart below or check out our blog post.

Blue Genetics Chart
  • Black x black = 100% black offspring

  • Splash x splash = 100% splash

  • Black x splash = 100% blue

  • Black x blue = 50% black and 50% blue

  • Blue x splash = 50% blue and 50% splash

  • Blue x blue = 25% splash, 25% black and 50% blue

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