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What is more eco-friendly than mowing and weed-eating a large area with a riding mower and a weed wacker? How about 492 feet of solar powered electric net fence and 20 walking grazers (mowers) and browsers (weed eaters). We have rotational/targeted grazing and browsing going on at Beit-El Farm! We are considering starting up a Target Grazing business in the next year or two but right now we are working on building our flock, training the sheep and goats and figuring out the logistics(legal stuff, insurance, and renovating and old horse trailer to transport them). In the mean time the grass on our little farmstead is not going to waste! I want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to ERIC, CURTIS and ETHAN for getting the fence up quickly. They did a GREAT job. ETHAN and CURTIS also did a FANTASTIC JOB as sheep/goat wranglers! Thank you so much! Thank you YEHOVAH for making all this possible Your plans have been better than anything we could have imagined. This journey has surpassed our wildest dreams! In Yeshua's(Jesus') name we thank You!

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Beit-El Farm
Beit-El Farm
12 abr 2021

And they fertilize behind them!

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