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My Favorite Lip Balm Recipe

So,, this time every year for the past four years I make lip balm for our household and family. Usually I give them out with our Chanukkah gift boxes. I'm thinking about selling them in our online farm store but I will be honest, between the cost of the packaging and ingredients I will end up charging $3,50 for a very small tube. So I decided to post my recipe for any DIYers that want to save money. I will probably have lip balm on our online store sometime next week.

Equipment Needed: Double Boiler or a pot and a heat proof container that will fit inside the pot of water and small containers to store your finished product in. I reuse old lip balm containers if I'm making it for myself. I use biodegradable lip balm tubes that I order on line if I'm making it for others.

You can be creative with the flavors. My favorites are Peppermint & Honey, Orange and Vanilla (Orange Creamsicle) or Cocoa Powder ( instead of the honey) and Peppermint E.O. (Peppermint Cocoa)

Natural Cocoa-Honey Lip Balm

Makes approximately 5 lip balm tubes

1 Tsp. Bees Wax (you can Substitute Carnauba Wax for a vegan lip balm)

1 Tsp. Cocoa Butter

3 Tsp. virgin Coconut Oil

1 Tsp. Honey ( optional)

2-3 drops edible essential oil

1) Measure out Wax, Cocoa butter and Coconut Oil into a small heat proof container and gently melt over low heat or in a double boiler.

2) Stir in Honey (optional)

3) Stir in essential oils

4) Pour into containers

Let cool, Place caps on containers & Enjoy!

* If you would like to see more of our recipes on this blog or you have other suggestions please post them in the comments below.

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