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New start in 2021

I think we can agree 2020 was rough on most of us. Here at Beit-El Farm we spent 2020 reflecting, regrouping and redesigning. We reflected on priorities both business and personal. We shutdown our online store and concentrated on our animals and our neighbors. We decided to start our own website.We chose not to continue producing candles and to concentrate on soaps and lotions. Our two main goals for our product line are to keep the products natural and to keep them affordable. Three years ago I started making soap for those two reasons. I wanted to be able to provide my family with a healthier alternative to the products commonly found in the store but with a large family and a small budget DIY was my best option. Because we know the struggles of trying to give your family the best you can on a budget we are currently doing cost analysis so that we can offer a quality product at a reasonable cost. We will be offering our products here on our website and locally. below are pictures of som of our soaps that are curing now and wil be ready for sale next month.

(From left to right: 1) loaves of Mocha Srub and Lavender-Hibiscus Goat Milk soap curing and almost ready to cut. 2) Lavender Goat Milk soaps ready for packaging and 3) one of my boo-boos. This batch of Orange Creamcycle Goal Milk soap thickend up before I could get it in the mold. My family gets the boo-boos.

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