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"Pasturized" Eggs? (Pun Intended)

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Photo Credit: abundantpurmaculture,com

We are not talking about boiling eggs. We are planning on moving our laying flock from their stationary permanent coop with access to a small area of pasture to mobile coops with a portable perimeter fence moving to fresh ground every 1-3 days. We have applied for a small grant to help with the cost of building the 2 coops and purchase the perimeter fence but even if we do not get the grant we will proceed with our plans. It will just take us a little longer to fund the project. We will be using the profits from egg and chick sales to fund it. Even if we are delayed a little we have a goal to get the first coop on pasture by September 2023. They will be rotational grazing behind the sheep and goats. The benefits to the soil, the chickens, livestock and the eggs are amazing ! The chickens get more nutritious diet and plenty of fresh air, sunshine and space to move and well, be chickens. In turn the give back to the soil by leaving behind rich fertilizer and cleaning up fly larvae and parasites. Our Goats and sheep come back to parasite reduced pasture when the rotation comes back to each pasture. Our family in turn receive nutrient dense and rich flavored eggs for our table and yours. God is amazing. He created nature to work together so perfectly!

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