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Snowed out and snowed in!

I'm sure it has been a rough week for everyone. Here in Kentucky we have been coping with the weather also. I have been stuck in town since Monday morning. Eric and I work in the kitchen of our local jail. The jail never closes no matter how bad the weather is and meals have to be served no matter what. So Monday morning I left for work with an overnight bag anticipating an overnight stay due to the storm coming in. Well that was three days ago. Fortunately our one of our daughters lives about two blocks from where we work so I could walk over there after work. Eric has had his hands full keeping everything going on the home front. We have had one kid and one lamb born while I've been gone. We have also had a septic tank issue so he has been busy with animals freezing water troughs and drainage problems in the house. We have been fortunate. Many people have been dealing with power outages, frozen pipes and no heat. Always be thankful for the blessings in your life. Even in trials there is always something to be thankful for, The buckling on the left is Nun and the ram lamb on the right is Samech. I can't wait to get home and meet them.

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