Store Temporarily Closed

I was explaining to someone recently how and why I started making our soaps. I wanted to give my family a healthy and natural product and we raise goats and herbs so making our soap just made sense. Making soap is also something I really enjoy doing.

. That was two of the three main reasons I had for making our soap, but I have a confession to make. The third reason I had for making soap was that I needed a product that I could afford. The whole reason I started thinking about selling my soaps was to pass that value on to the community. Some where along the way I got lost in business advice on running a successful business, pricing to scale and forgot my main goal. That goal was to create quality soaps and products and offer it to others at and affordable price. So I am going to pause re-examine my cost to produce our soaps and see if I can lower my prices and still make a small profit without changing the quality. In short just reduce my profit margin to offer our customers a better value. I am working on some wonderful Fall soaps including an Apple Cider Soap. Our online store will re-open in about a month.