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3 yr old unregistered Kiko/Nubian Buck

Shimshon is a proven breeder. You can see his offspring in our Gallery Pictures or our 2020 Kids & 2021 Kids pages. Pasture and hay raised, He has never needed to be wormed (We do use an herbal supplement to keep their gut healthy and worms at bay) and neverr had hoof issues. He is friendly and well behaved. We are a small farm and would like to add new DNA to our herd. 

$250 serious inquiries only please.

We are currently in the middle of lambing and kidding season. All our lambs and kids (exept for our tithe, marked reserved) will be under consideration until after weaning. Only then will we  know which ones we will retain and which ones will be for sale. For updates on our lambs and kids click the links below. Thank you.